No Festival Of Light is one of Sweden's most prosperous and growing acts of industrial experimentation. Formerly known as P/D(B), the mastermind of this talented project, Fredrik Bergstrom, changed monikers when he decided to move his musical trials on a new course. Fredrik's involvement in the scene has been never-ending. Having experience with drums, percussives, and synthesizer has seen him in various genres ranging from heavy metal, jazz, gothic, punk, pop, and of course industrial, where Fredrik's passions lie. Fredrik has also toured Europe twice, sessioning on drums for Lina's Deutsch Nepal project, playing in such countries as Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, Holland, Czech Republic, and of course Sweden. Musically, No Festival Of Light is an electronic attack on the senses. Fredrik's music can best be described as utterly disturbing, random, dark, probing, and occasionally erotic. The following adjectives are formed by screaming (yet subtle) synthetics, pounding tribal beats, and exquisitely looped samples of sin; sometimes monotonous and sometimes fierce, and most definitely penetrating. The theme of No Festival Of Light is based on the annihilation of Heaven and the salvation of Christ. Fredrik's association with the Church Of Satan weaves its way through the barriers of sound making itself recognizable in the bleak psycho-fanatical spheres of machinery; the 'antichrist' and 'hell' loops are a definite theme within the music. Though No Festival Of Light is still marking its presence in the industrial scene, it is ready to expand into something grand in due time.

P/D(B) "Foetor Ex Ore" (C-45, CMI Sound Source 1992 Sweden)
P/D(B) "Love" (C-46, FruktBurk Records 1993 Sweden)
NO FESTIVAL OF LIGHT "Divide Et Impera" (C-46, Abyss Records 1994 Germany)
NO FESTIVAL OF LIGHT "Virtue Of Selfishness" (C-46, Slaughter Productions 1995 Italy)
NO FESTIVAL OF LIGHT split 7" with A SWARM OF LOCUSTS (State-Art 1997 Germany)
NO FESTIVAL OF LIGHT "Divide Et Impera" (re-mix Dark Age Productions 018)
"In The Butcher's Backyard" (DCD CMI/VUZ 1993 Sweden/Germany)
"New Aeon Symbols" (Tape, Abyss Records 1993 Germany)
"Territories Sonores" (D. Tape, Art Concept 1995 France)
"Heilige Tod" (DEUTSCH NEPAL feat. NO FESTIVAL OF LIGHT) (CD, Palace Of Worms 1995 Italy) "Disco Mortem" (3"X7", Releasing Eskimo 1996 Sweden)
"Life After Fallout/Odland" (Tape, Art Konkret, 1996 Germany)
"Death Odors II" (CD, Slaughter Productions, 1997 Italy)

The latest release from No Festival of Light is Fredrik's re-issue of the now deleted cassette album (Abyss Records), "Divide Et Impera." This re-issue includes a new mixing of the album by Fredrik and J. Havukainen of In Slaughter Natives. In addition, there are two new and unreleased tracks included on this cassette production as well. Club attendees should watch for Fredrik presenting live shows in the European vicinity, and the month of October may even find No Festival of Light performing shows in America...time will tell.

	No Festival of Light
	Fredrik Bergstrom
	Fyrkluversgatan 50
	417 21 Guteborg